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Medium Pork Sausages (2)

Medium Pork Sausages (2)

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All of our sausages are handmade in house with fresh-ground premium meat and seasonings - no preservatives, nitrites, gluten, fillers, or mixes.

Our medium sausages include:

  • Medium Italian (with fennel)
  • Louisiana Creole (great for gumbo or jambalaya)
  • Andouille (also great for gumbo or jambalaya)
  • Chorizo (a Spanish-style sausage well suited to paella)

Average Size: 320g pack of two (2)
Average Price: $7.00

Price per kilo: $22.02

* The total price is an estimate, based on an average weight and price. Our meats are priced when the order is filled based on the exact weight and the per kilogram price.